The Losing Game

I have now lost 8 pounds since Christmas. How? Diet and exercise. I know, right? It stinks that that is actually the answer. I've been tempted (not really, but kind of, you know) to try a diet aid. But I figured I don't really want to act like a hummingbird on acid... so, I guess the old EAT LESS, and EXERCISE MORE is the way to go.

I feel a lot better about myself, about my clothes and how they fit, and about the example I'm setting for my children. I don't know who said it, but I heard someone say "Stop saying you don't have time to exercise... some of the busiest people in the world find time to do it." Ok, ok, I know you're right, but it's BORING, and I'm TIRED, and, and, and... And you have muffin top, so just DO IT, ok? You'll feel better... and dang it, I do. :)