Love the one you're with...

I have found new love with this project. The colors are not as hideous as they appear in this picture. I love my camera, but it doesn't do so well at night, indoors.

It is a French Market Bag from Knitty.com. I saw it on this website, which you should really check out. Lene's is so very classy, mine is using up my stash. I, of course, mis-read the instructions, so let's just say, I'm making a design change... whoopsie.

I told you about how Murray personally inspects each piece of knitting. I turned my back for a second and look what I found. He managed to sit on the WHOLE thing, AND was still able to take a nibble at my needles. Ha ha, Murray, they're metal, not bamboo.

I made this bag the other night, with the idea that I would give it to my cousin for her wedding. Um, sorry, Katie, you're getting dishcloths and a check. I can't part with this bag.

Stunt Glasses

Lee and I had to drive separately this morning, so I asked him to get my sunglasses (since my eyes have rejected my contacts recently, I've had to wear my glasses all the time. I had prescription sunglasses made as well) out of his car and put them in mine. He said "I'll put them on your car."

This can can only end in tears.

I went out to my car and put my laptop and other stuff in the passenger side. I saw the sunglasses in their case on top of the car. I then decided that it was too cold for shorts. I went back in the house, grabbed some pants, got back in my car and took off.

I drove about 2 blocks, and heard "something" hit my roof. I looked in the rear view mirror, and... my stomach lurched. I went back and found my glasses case... EMPTY!! my stomach lurched again... then I saw the glasses about 10 feet away... a little banged up, but ok.


A Walk at Lunch...

I like brick, but YIKES... this is an imposing ediface.

Cute! I love this color... I love all colors (mostly), but for some reason the pale sky blue of the VW Bug makes my color radar go crazy.

I thought this operation was funny. See that long, bendy pipe going up to the roof? Yeah, that's what they're pumping tar through for the roof. Um... does anyone else think this looks like a shaky situation?

Unfortunately, it started raining just then... otherwise I would have photographed a house with a Mansard roof. Mostly because it is one of the few architectural terms I remember from college. That and Flying Buttresses. Tee hee. I was not very good at identifying famous buildings by their floor plans.

June Bride

This creepy tableau is at our local Salvation Army. That's not a trick of the light... the groom has no head.


What made me think...

... I was smart enough?

We have these friends, a couple, who teach literature... on the college level. The wife of the pear lent me sum books to reed. The first won I tried was two hard.

I may not be smart enough, I thought, to read books that Anna likes.

It was all literary, poetic, and DEEP. I made my way through the best I could, skipping large portions of poetry, because, people, poetry makes no sense to me. I read the 1st stanza and it's like I am reading a different language, which I suppose I am. If poetry is the language of the soul, my soul is a dumb mute.

Moving on... the rest of the books seem to be ok. So I guess I'm SORT OF smart enough, but probably not as smart as Anna. :)


Quality Control

It's important to me that everything I make be inspected for quality. Rest assured that any knitted item you receive from me has been thoroughly tested and approved by at LEAST one cat. They take their job so seriously, that it is well nigh impossible to get photos of knitted items without one of them poking their nose in. This here is Murray, with a known penchant for appreciating the knitted items. Although, here, he may be distracted by the bamboo needles. This is the about the only set that he hasn't "tested" by chewing it. I believe he knows that.

Happy Father's Day!

Ok, here's what happened... we went to Lee's parents' house after church yesterday for "Father's Day", but actually they had gifts and cake for my birthday. So, Father's Day kinda plumb went out of my head.

Anyway, I'll make the call of shame later, but for now...

Pop, when you married my mom, I wasn't sure how you would feel about me. You always treated me like a kid of yours, and I appreciate that. I'm glad you and I could bond to the point where we truly are father and daughter! :) Much love. I'll call.


When in doubt...

Make Dishcloths!

I'm using up the cotton stash to make some fun, yummy dishcloths. No pic... you all know the kind I make.

Lee and I have been watching My Name is Earl (season 2). You all will want to check it out. Season 1 is out on dvd. They're 20 minute eps and therefore not a big time waster. Um... that is, unless you watch 10 in a row. Not that we ever would have done that last weekend.

Weight Watchers continues to guide my eating. I lost a point on my birthday... I just happened to be at the age break in the chart. Doh! You wouldn't think the difference between 21 and 20 points would matter, BUT IT DOES. This morning, I saw a weight on the scale I hadn't seen since LAST year at this time, so I'm pleased. I like my naked, morning weight better than my fully clothed, evening weight. Guess I'll have to start stripping at the WW weigh-in. Um, maybe not.... there's a guy there on oxygen.


This says it all...

You say it's your birthday...
It's my birthday too!