Dishcloth Frenzy

My name is Chris and I'm a dishclothaholic. I am apparently unable to stop making them. I need an intervention.


Nicola said...

Super snappy colors, love the rainbow one especially. Yeah okay so that's not clear is it? Uh... the fourth from the top. ;p There was a woman at the last La Leche League meeting knitting some fabulously colorful dishclothes so of course I ask if she had the Mason Dixson book. She did, and admitted to being addicted to making them as well. tee hee I guess it's going around. ;)

Yarnsmith said...

It seems to be the "thing". I hope lots of people make them this year. I can't wait to start using them. My discloths are sad, sad.

Yarnsmith said...

I should clarify: my old dishcloths are sad, that is. Not the new, perky ones! :)