Doomed from the start

I loved this pattern, and I'm not one to back down from a difficult project ... BUT... a) it took 16 different colors, b) my local yarn store didn't have them all, so I substituted rather than order the right colors, c) it uses size 2 needles, d) CO 136 ?!?!? I can't count that high, e) I did the 1st inch and found myself with a mobius strip, f) I did the 1st inch again and realized how many ends there would be to weave in, g) after said inch was done, I sprained my left wrist badly...

Soooo...now I've got 16 colors of fingering weight yarn that have been stored in my white socks for, oh, 3 years. I finally have drawn out a plan for useage. I am having trouble working up the desire to implement.

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Anonymous said...

Fingering yarn can be used to reinforce socks at the heels and toes!

Love, Mom