I blame Mason Dixon Knitting for my dirty house.

I received the MD knitting book on December 24. By December 27, this was done. My stash of leftover Lamb's Pride Bulky is used up. It's not very big, and it was telling me to felt it, so now it's even smaller. Not sure what it is yet, but it's on my dinner table.


kay said...

You gotta tell me: did it felt as evenly as it looks like it did?

This is a question I get sometimes, and I have never felted a log cabin so I was not sure. It seems, logically, like it should felt to the same shape as the original knitting, but one can never be sure until one tries.

And it's cool-looking too!

Yarnsmith said...

It did felt very evenly. I had felted all these colors in the past and they felt similarly.

BUT, I purposely didn't use the cream, lime, and butter yellow colors in Lamb's Pride bulky, because they do not felt as well.

Are you the Kay I think/hope you are? AEIIII. Love the book. But you've ruined me for any activity but knitting. :)