Kittens and Mittens

I know that over at www.masondixonknitting.com they have a "no cat blog" policy or somesuch. I suppose it's a good idea, since I could talk and talk about the little critters. But, sometimes, the two come together in such a cute-tastic way, who can really resist?

This is Murray. He is helping me keep my tension right.

That pink stuff was SOOOOO soft. I made legwarmers, mittens and a scarf for a little girl. I love the natural fibers, but this fakey, fake stuff was delightful on the hands.

Anyway, no wonder Murray couldn't resist.


Nicola said...

Okay, and said little girl absolutely loves her new mittens and leg warmers. Alannah wears the mittens (we also call them her 'riding mittens') around the house much of the day. They are a required accesory when she wants to drive around on her riding toy. The 'leg' warmers amusingly often get used as arm warmers, A. is fond of walking around w/two mittens and one _arm_ warmer on. lol totally cute! She does actually use them as leg warmers when we go out too, mmm toasty. Alannah just loves 'em. I actually had to hand wash them real quick the other day when she was sick cause she kept wiping her nose on them and I knew I didn't have time to wait for them to make it through the wash! :) Thanks for the super cutie mittens, leg/arm warmers, and scarff!!!

Yarnsmith said...

I am so glad! I loved making them. Little kid things knit up so fast. I'll have to supply you with more so you can always have clean ones. Hope her snotty nose is better!