I got this book from my mom, who got it from ? Her grandmother? (I know my mom's mom didn't really knit.) I'll have to find out. It is from 1953. I learned to make mittens and gloves from this book. It's still the book I use to make mittens and gloves. I think you can still get it... I bought a newer copy at Hobby Lobby recently. But, it's just not the same using the new book. I lend out the new one and keep the old, crappy one at home. It now looks like this.

I feel connected to the knitters who came before me when I use this book.

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mary lou said...

I have the same book -- in about the same condition, and I have my Mom's old Jack Frost two-needle mittens book that she taught me to make mittens from. I do love that connection with knitters who have gone before us, too.