The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

the GOOD... We went to Cedar Falls, IA to see Matt (Lee's cousin) get married to Sara. The wedding was God-centered, to the point, and simply pretty. Lee and I found the perfect gift (the one titled "Side by Side") for them in Galena on the way there. Of course I also gave them dishcloths.

Speaking of Galena... guess what there is in Galena... go on, guess... I admit to buying a few, TOTALLY ESSENTIAL things. Also, it was warm in the store and cold outside. Don't judge me. The shop owner was very nice and gave me a pattern she'd just made when I admired the item in question. Lee thought perhaps her generosity had something to do with the $50 we (ok, I) just spent in there. Skeptic.

the BAD and the UGLY... What's that on the ground? Oh, that? That's just 2 inches of ice from the freezing rain. Oh, is that all? Poor Matt and Sara. Their wedding day reminded us of OUR wedding day, when Mother Nature decided to have a big ole' hissy fit and spit out freezing rain for 24 hours... starting the night before the wedding. (In our case, it was a blizzard 5 days before and a foot of snow the night before the wedding.) Our hotel was not far from everything and basically in a straight line, but it took a solid 1/2 hour every time we got to the car to chip the ice off. I say "we", but it's the royal we. By that, I mean Lee. Bless him, he did have some fun. I was able to open the windows from the inside and punch the ice out that way. Good stuff. Tried to get more action shots, but OUCH... freezing rain hurts. And it's cold. We ventured out Saturday morning. There is a yarn shop 2 blocks from our hotel. It was closed. Yeah... freezing rain. Pretty sure we were the only fools out walking. Glad we went to the yarn shop in Galena the day before. Oh, so glad.

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Kellie said...

Great choice of wedding gift! I love Brian Andreas prints.