Say Hello to my Little Friend(s)

Spring has hit the south side of the house... this pic is the 1st part of Resurrection Lilies. Our first year at the house, I thought that those long leaves were all it was. Then they died off. After a couple of weeks, long flower stalks popped up where the foliage had died. They are really pretty flowers, but they look a little odd with just a 2-3 foot stalk and a lily swaying on top.

Plants are fighting their way up through the matted down mulch and leaves. I'm pleased to see that the things I roughly transplanted at the wrong time of the year are coming up again. My rule for garden plants has always been survival of the fittest, and they'd better live with the rain they get, for they'll not get watered by ME. Seems as though the ones I hacked to bits are ok with that. My lavendar lived through the winter and seems to be growing underneath the dead stuff. I read that Martha Stewart will not cut her lavendar back until they start budding. So, I guess I won't either. Martha would know.

These little so-and-so's seem to have no problem coming back either. I don't approve of them, but I haven't the heart to start fighting them so early in the season. I'll pay for that later, I bet.

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