Wicked 1 Finds a Home

Friend Megan is home from Millikin. She tried on Wicked 1. It's too big for her too, but she's hipper than I am, apparently the 80's are back, and she plans to "Flash Dance" it. Since I already dressed bad in the 80's, I'm not going through that particular phase again. Anyway.... she likes it and I'm glad for her to have it. It had to go to someone that didn't live here regularly... that could be AWKWARD. Hey! I've got that exact hand-knitted sweater! Yeah! Same color and everything.

Now, the only problem I have is that I bought 9 skeins of this Teal yarn. Each sweater took 3, because my row gauge was off, so I gained some yardage. Do I make Wicked 3? Do I make a bunch of Teal mittens and socks? Will it be a Teal Christmas? I'll have to think on it.

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