Baby Kimono A-Go-Go and Murray.

Everybody needs a Murray. How do you all knit without a Murray? He is so very helpful. He stretches out his little paw and "chirps" to remind me to rest my wrists a moment to pet him. Isn't that thoughtful?

Here, I'm working on the baby kimono. I finished the increases for the sleeves, then started the straight knitting. After a few rows, it became clear that one sleeve was longer than the other. Blast! (I blame StarGate SG-1, Season 8) However! Score one for the home team, because I was able to pick up the stiches a few rows down, with NONE of them being twisted and ALL of them accounted for. Go me.

So, here's a pic of the kimono with both sleeves being the same length. Ok, except you can't tell because I cut one off in the picture. Duh. You'll just have to trust me that I can count. Eventually. :)


Katherine said...

did you try that slip st. technique so the arms weren't so jagged? They look good from the picture.

Yarnsmith said...

I THINK so... I tried.

Katherine said...

looks good! Better than mine!