I was right (of course)

Remember how I was complaining about dishcloths and my lack of love for them? And then remember how I justified buying new cotton yarn thinking that would make me love dishcloths again? Well, hooray for me, because I just cranked out these lovely ladies in lavendar...

BTW, here's a quick movie review for "Ladies in Lavender". Now, I like me a good boring movie. I've watched several movies of the "chick" kind that Lee will say "Oh, is this the scene where they talk and stare at each other?" Or "Oh, is this the scene where they dance and don't speak?"

Ok, so "Ladies in Lavender" was TOO BORING for even ME. I kept finding excuses to get up. I'd be gone for 5 minutes, and had not missed anything. It's the story of two old English ladies (sisters) who find a young man washed up on shore by their house. (There. Now you don't need to see it, because that's all there is. Ok, and the boy is an excellent violinist, but, really, who cares?) The most exciting part of the movie for me was when I knew the boy's nationality before Judi Dench did, and I yelled at the TV "He's Polish, for crying out loud!" It was based on a book. Hopefully a SHORT story.

Check out this lovely lady... can't go wrong with happy happy spring blue.

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