Happy (early) Birthday to ME!!

I come from Photographer stock. Both Mom and Dad were into photography when I was growing up. I remember Mom would put together a really cool slide show using pics of flowers and set to classical music. This was a good 30 years ago now. I was thinking how much WORK that was... Mom, please confirm. And I was also thinking how in this digital age, how EASY it would be to do today... cause I had this great idea of putting my nature pics in a slide show set to classical music... :) I guess it's been done before.

Anyway... over Memorial Day, my dad, who is still a camera buff, gave me an early Birthday present. Ok, he didn't remember that my birthday was coming up... (Not to be confused with Mom and Pop who ALWAYS remember.) but regardless, he had a lens for me.

Check this baby out! It's a Kalimar 800 - 1200mm lens. Don't tell me if you think this lens is crap... I don't know the difference, so don't blow it for me. :)

So, what can an 800 - 1200 mm lens DO FOR ME? Well, let me show you...

35mm: Where's Lee?

50mm: I think I see Lee.

200mm: Oh, there he is, and he's holding something.

800mm: Ah, it's a Coke can.

1200mm: Sweet Sassy Molassy! It's like he's RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA!

P.S. Forgive the low-resolution of these pics. They looked better in their original formats. And, boy, do you ever need a tripod for this bad boy. I need to get a remote so that the depressing of the button doesn't shake the lens. My camera does a decent job of anti-shaking, so I'm pleased. I'm looking forward to taking pictures of things that are FAR AWAY. It's exciting. No, really, it IS! :)


Nicola said...

Mmmm...excellent. Don't mind me while I drool all over your extremely long camera lens. 8D.. tee hee :)

Beth said...

Happy Birthday to you! Have a great day!

Katherine said...

Happy Birthday, Chris!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Baby!

Love, Mom & Pop

McEvil 1 said...

Why must you insist of photographing strange people in the woods....especially those that drive short buses!??!??!?!?!