When in doubt...

Make Dishcloths!

I'm using up the cotton stash to make some fun, yummy dishcloths. No pic... you all know the kind I make.

Lee and I have been watching My Name is Earl (season 2). You all will want to check it out. Season 1 is out on dvd. They're 20 minute eps and therefore not a big time waster. Um... that is, unless you watch 10 in a row. Not that we ever would have done that last weekend.

Weight Watchers continues to guide my eating. I lost a point on my birthday... I just happened to be at the age break in the chart. Doh! You wouldn't think the difference between 21 and 20 points would matter, BUT IT DOES. This morning, I saw a weight on the scale I hadn't seen since LAST year at this time, so I'm pleased. I like my naked, morning weight better than my fully clothed, evening weight. Guess I'll have to start stripping at the WW weigh-in. Um, maybe not.... there's a guy there on oxygen.


SpEdTeacher06 said...

When in doubt, I make scarves. I haven't "graduated" to dishcloths yet. Though I did get some pretty Sugar 'n Creme yarn that await the needles and a little more confidence on my part.

Katherine said...

totally understand the stripping while weighing. I usually do that too. I also understand the urge to do that while weighing in somewhere where people other than immediate family members are... or making sure I'm wearing contacts and not glasses. Or making sure I haven't put hair clips in yet! 8-)