So I headed on down to my LYS for their Friday knitting circle thingy... they're all called something different, so I can't remember what this one is called. Since I was hitting DeKalb around lunchtime, I thought I'd stop in real quick like at the local Subway. 12:01, I'm in the LOOOOOONG line... did I mention how hungry I was? No? So, finally we're up to the lady in front of the lady in front of me.

She whips out a list. I groaned inwardly. The lady in front of me sighed audibly. Looked like she was an actual working person, who was gonna spend 1/2 her lunch hour in line at Subway.

List lady says, "I need 2 foot-long tunas."

"Whew," I think, "that's not a long list."

"Oh wait. I need 6 other sandwiches too." Some other people wanted to sigh. Most rolled their eyes at least. I'm sure of it... that's what it felt like. Perhaps it was just me, but you know the sound that's not a sound a line will make when there's someone not ordering properly. Conversation stops, breath being exhaled, shifting from one foot to the other.

Good thing I'm so patient now. Ha ha. Although, I did remember that I didn't have anywhere in particular to be... except KNITTING, darn you! List lady did have the grace (?) to grin sheepishly to the rest of the people in line and say something about feeding a frickin' army.

12:15... I'm finally up to pay. The cashier (who looked like a guy entering a Kevin Smith look-alike contest) says, "That'll be $4.04."

So I say "Oh no, I've be 404'd." But I said it like Strong Bad. ** Then I covered my mouth with my hand, feeling all kinds of uncool. The cashier says, "Are you alright?" I nod and beat a hasty retreat.

Goodbye Subway in DeKalb, that I can never, ever go to again.

** Ok, there's a lot of schema you'll need to know to understand what a huge geek I am. Start here for the Wikipedia explanation. Hmmm... this may take more that I can give... If you don't think this website is funny, you won't get it anyway.

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