Christmas in July

We were at a family wedding in Midland, and on the way out of town, Lee said "Hey, isn't Frankenmuth around here?" (Just so you all know what a great husband I have...)

I had no intention of enjoying Bronner's, much less purchasing ORNAMENTS in JULY. Well, we got out of there for under $100... just. Dang it. If you have never been there, it is the largest collection of ornaments and Christmas crap EVER.

We found nifty ornament hangers, because we're trying to get out of putting up a tree. Because of cats, and laziness. Our idea is to hang up collections of ornaments. That could be cute, right?

Bronner's newest angels...


Katherine said...

hah hah! I actually thought it was very tasteful. I had been expecting over-the-top plastic Santas and moving reindeer, and when we drove up, I was a bit worried by the huge plastic Santa and elves and such outside. It was actually very nice though, and not quite as big as everyone had made it out to be, I thought. (I actually take issue with 'Christmas crap' though...!8-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but some of it is!