Told You So...

I knew I'd get too busy to write. Work has been busy, but not too bad considering. I'm thankful for that.

Our Babylon-5 watching came to a screeching halt this week, as Lee and I have evening commitments every night this week, and Lee's going away for the weekend. I have exciting things planned that involve scraping wallpaper and patching and sanding. ooooOOOOOOh. I know you're jealous.

I'm working on a new sweater from the same book the cardi is from. I bought new buttons for the cardi, but haven't put them on yet. I should get on that, because it is almost cool enough to wear it now. Yay! The new sweater is a bit boring... I'm knitting a row, oooh, now I'm purling a row, etc, ad nauseum. BUT, it is an excellent no brainer for watching B5 at the same time.

That is all. :)

Oh, wait. I updated the gardneradoptionjournal too.

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gonturan said...


Some girl knitted her own Christopher Eccleston doll.


And another knitted Daleks.