We went to the U.P. to visit my folks last weekend. They live way the heck up there... almost as far north in MI as you can be. It was a beautiful drive all through WI. (And I do mean all through WI, as we drove the full length of it.) Crossed the MI border, then ran into this:

Saw campgrounds on little lakes shrouded completely in mist. We amused ourselves by naming the lakes. "Welcome to Lake Despair." "We hope you enjoy your stay at Grouchy Lake." "Please come back to Lac du Malaise."

Then we found someone had beaten us to the naming conventions:

We were going to eat dinner in Calumet, but couldn't really find it. We saw the sign for the town, but not much else. We pressed on to my folks' house, and got pizza from the bar next door. (Folks were at a wedding reception.)

More pics from our trip on the left. Enjoy, eh.


Anonymous said...

How much for a scoop of the GOOD minnows?

Anonymous said...

Hiya Chris :) Loved your pics from the UP. It's so beautiful up there. Is that Brockway Mountain Rd? I drove up there two years ago, and scared myself silly. Quite a view though, especially with the trees turning. I bet it was kinda warm for October. I was in Chicago that wekend, and it was really hot and humid.


Yarnsmith said...

Yes, it was Brockway Mt. It cleared up a bit for us that day, then back to fog.