A cat by any other name...

So, Lee and I have been thinking of renaming the kitten currently called War. He is a tuxedo cat. See illustration below... The picture called "tuxedo" is exactly his coloring.

We have long harbored dislike for common cat names. For example, the obvious name for War would be "Mittens" or "Boots" or "Socks"... or derivations thereof.

We're more inclined to be "funny" or "goofy" or "just plain strange".... but actually we're into obscure pop culture references. Murray is from Stargate, Sibbie is from Homestarrunner.

Here are a few things we were thinking for War's new indoor name... besides "crazy eyes", which he definitely has.

We went through the tuxedo angle...
Lee: Who wears tuxes?
Me: James Bond.
Lee: Butlers.
Me: Penquins. (you see how easy it is to go too far.)
Lee: Alfred. (batman's butler)
Lee: Mr. Belvedere.
Me: Bwa hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Lee: We could call him AC/DC.
Me: Oh, Back in Black! I get it.
Me: Or Angus (the guitarist from AC/DC) because it's a funny name.
Lee: How about Gordon?
Me: ....
Me: .... AH! Gordon Lightfoot?! Bwa hahahahahahahahahaha.

We haven't decided yet. Any suggestions?


Arnez said...


How's about:

Wait for it....


The McEvil One said...

Since he has those glowing yellow eyes, how about this:


SHUT UP!!! It's better than Ewok....

The McEvil One said...

Forget the Jawa name.

This came to me this morning...you wanted an obscure pop culture reference. Here's a name for "war" from Alan Moore's 'Watchmen':