Natural Instincts.

Oh hi. I haven't been blogging because Lee has been blogging, and I was having a crisis of words. I think Lee was stealing them from me! Pretty sure. Also, I was feeling boring.

I came home from work recently and flopped onto the bed without taking my coat off. Within SECONDS, this happened. That Murray! I think he missed me. Or maybe his natural instinct was to gravitate to the warmest thing, which in this case, was between my shoulder blades.

This is also often why Lee and I can't get out of bed on time. When a 10 pound cat flops on you, it feels like 50 pounds...

Speaking of instincts... I think War is missing the gene for reflexive eye closure. I took about 8 pictures of War with a flash, and he never closed his eyes. If he looks greasy, it's because he was... had his ears cleaned out at the vet.

You can see he seems to be settling right in... sitting in the cat-bird seat. Um, that'd be Murray's spot on the kitty-condo.

Here's how the other cats feel about it... they are less than pleased...

Hissing is decreasing, but Murray and Sibbie are still surprised when they see him. They spend a lot of time watching him.

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