Murray's Bags are Packed

... and he's ready to go!

And so am I! We are going on a cruise over Christmas break. It's our first one. We'll be in the Caribbean (pronounce it any which way you want - I don't care! I will be warm).

Suffering, as I do, during the long, dark winter months, (Look up Seasonal Affected Disorder... that's ME.) I've been looking forward to this trip like nobody's business. The Monday after Thanksgiving weekend, all my will and energy were bent on the Caribbean. Every thought of mine begins with "on the cruise, we can..."

I cleaned my camera... all the lenses. I bought another set of rechargeable batteries and another SD card (memory). I will not be caught short! My brother in law is looking forward to doing nothing, and said he was counting on me to take all the pictures. OK! On the cruise, I can....

I am actually partly packed. My suitcase is out and has all my summery clothes in it. Lee will pack the night before, I am sure! Must remember quart size ziplocks to keep all my "hazardous" liquids contained.

We leave a few days before Christmas... we have 10 working days until we go. Longest days, ever!

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