I keep forgetting...

Do you do this, too? Start to clean something out, walk away for a "minute" to do something else, come back an hour later and find the mess you made, only now your mess has been made larger by helpful felines? Happens here all the time.

The part of "Helpful Feline" is being played tonight by Rico (aka: Mr. Skitterpants)

I had to clean out my stash tonight. I've got a bunch of made items that do not have a home, and they were taking up valuable real estate, that should have been used for actual stash.
Here is part of the process... (the part where I pull everything out, then walk away and forget I've pulled everything out, then come back and am surprised.)

Helpful Feline 2 is being played by Furry Murray Fuzzy Pants, who took this interesting approach to help me write this blog tonight. He often does this, and I usually wouldn't mind his warm little body on my lap, but he keeps touching my mouse pad and messing me up.

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