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This just in... I totally rock.

This sweater I'm working on is from, you guessed it, the best sweater book of all time. This will be my 4th sweater from it. I don't think I've ever gotten my money's worth like this from a book before. I never did use this book, because, ugh... it's no longer the 80's.

The pattern wanted me to do a separate front and back. With Fair Isle. I suppose there's a way to do that, but why? I knew that I couldn't knit the rib stitch in the round, since mine leans, so I knit that regular and then joined it up and knit the rest of the body in the round. I had to do a little math even.

On to the sleeves. I decided to knit these in the round too. The fair isle pattern didn't work as well with the sleeves, as I had increases in there. I made a rookie mistake and was only increasing 1 st where I should have been increasing 2... my math failed me when I converted to in the round. But that's all behind me, and the 1st sleeve is almost done. It's mind-numbing straight stitch now.

I figured out that whole 2 circular needle knitting too. The one instead of dpns. I believe it has saved my bacon on the sleeve, which has too many stitches for dpns and not enough for 1 circular. It's kind of a pain, and does slow me down a bit, but I have not dropped any stitches. I did have one of the circular needles drop to the floor, when I made the common mistake of DOING IT WRONG.

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