Let it Snow.

Never was there a more eagerly anticipated Winter Storm Warning than the one that started yesterday. I work for a school district, and everyone, and I do mean everyone, was checking weather.com every 5 minutes. I go MONTHS without looking at a weather report. We don't have regular TV or cable or anything, so I just stick my head out the door for an up-to-date weather prediction.

But, yesterday... I, too, was checking the hour by hour update.... you see, we all wanted a snow day. That is the beauty and glory of working for a school district. So all yesterday and last night was, will it or won't it? C'mon... start snowing... but not TOO soon... don't want them to have time to plow... Woo hoo! Now it says blowing and drifting.... argh... too soon... why isn't it snowing yet? I'm going to bed. Poo. I woke up at 4:00 and looked outside. Rats! There's hardly anything on the ground. By 5:30, it was snowing pretty hard, but still the call had not come. (The whole district gets an automated call if it's closed.) I was reconciled to get up and get ready, after a couple more snoozes... then the phone rang.

Oh Joy! Oh Rapture! Lee and I actually giggled.

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