Photo Biz

I joined the Rockford Photo Club last Thursday. Yep, it was Valentine's Day. Lee and I don't usually do anything anyway, but I did feel kinda bad... "Um, ok, bye honey!"

It was the 2nd meeting I'd been to, and it was a "Display Night". I showed some pics and did not disgrace myself. The topic was architectural detail. Here are the ones I showed:

Margarita Island, Venezuela. Oh, how I wish I was sitting under this now.

The oldest sun dial in this hemisphere. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

The RPC is doing a display at the Burpee Museum of Natural History. They were asking for pics of nature... landscapes, animals (no pets - too bad... I've got a million of Lazy, Lazy, and Crazy.) I signed up to bring 6 pics. I asked if there was any kind of quality control... ie: did they need to see my pics ahead of time. He said it wasn't usually a problem and "based on what you showed tonight, there shouldn't be a problem." Toot, toot. That's my own horn. :)

I should say that there are some very professional sounding amateur photographers in the group. I did not understand a lot of what they were talking about. I just want to take pictures.

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