Elbow Room

You remember that song from Schoolhouse Rock? "Elbow room, elbow room... got to, got to get me some elbow room..."

I went to my hair appointment yesterday. Trouble was, my appointment is NEXT Thursday. Oh. I didn't cry, I didn't even get upset, even though I'd driven to Elgin for this appointment. I shrugged and said "Oh."

Here is the state of my brain... our children, who are waiting for us in Ethiopia, have started taking over portions of my mind. Thoughts of them and our upcoming life together are elbowing out other things. Like WORDS, and IDEAS, and TIME, and, as it turns out, names of bands. I don't mind the band thing so much, but dang it, people, I'm starting to forget words as I'm speaking. Words I've known for years. I can picture my children in there sidling up to a word and just kind of leaning into it, pushing it out of the way.

Even when I started writing this post, I panicked for a moment, because I could not think of "Schoolhouse Rock". All I had was "You remember that song, from uh, from um, it goes like this..."

And I have to say, it's kind of pleasant, this forgetfulness. Because it means that I am making room in my life for 2 small people, who I love already, and I can't imagine more love, but I know it is coming. How good God is to have designed us in this way, with the ability to make room for more love. Hang in there children! Mama's coming to get you!


Katherine said...

heh heh heh... Yeah, get used to it... I still haven't recovered all my brain cells. I'm always forgetting words! I sound like I have a speech disorder when I'm talking half the time!

Katherine said...

Do you have Schoolhouse Rock? Arnez said that's how he learned English after coming to the states.

Yarnsmith said...

Yep, we've got it. :)

christophertadhankins said...

Now I'll be humming "I put a dime in the drug store record machine..." all night long! Either that or "I'm just a bill, yes I'm only a bill.. and I"m sittin' here on Capital Hill"
Yes I hope and pray that I will but today I am still just a bill!
What great stuff.
I too have lost much of my brain to the girls. I'm pretty sure that lots of what was important to me throughout college and early marriage is now home to storage of lyrics to kids songs and the melodies that accompany them.