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Here is me standing in front of my pictures for sale at the Brick, in downtown Belvidere. Be sure to purchase one or two... all proceeds to our adoption fund. Ha ha... ALL money we get (and have) goes there at this point!

At the Brick, there are clear class tea cups suspended with fishing line in a window. I thought they were so cool, so I took some pics. That made me wonder how cool it would be to trace the path of art from this one inspiration.

1. Somebody designed the cups, presumably with aesthetics in mind.
2. Somebody hung them with fishing line to create an interesting display
3. Somebody (me) took pictures of them and manipulated the pictures
4. Somebody.... what could be next? A painting based on the pictures? A collage? Who will take up the art challenge?

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Arnez said...

We'd love to come to the Brick- however.... They've made the second worst coffee I've ever tasted in my life. (First being a little shop in Georgia- it was so bad, we'd drink it to cringe us back awake.)
Methinks they didn't like our kids (they have a pretty obvious sign about kids involving puppies and cappuccinos)