Something I noticed today...

that has nothing to do with adoption!

I haven't blogged here in so long, I don't know who will even read this... guess it doesn't matter...

OK, so I was on my way home and I noticed on the car next to me, that the gas plate thingy, because of it's location, had to have a crease put in it to match the body of the car.

I thought that was pretty stupid, and imagined the guy that designs the gas tank assembly being all EYE-ROLL "Look what they did again... can they not put the gas cap on the smooth part of the car?

Then I noticed that almost every car has that "feature" and I wondered how much $ it costs to have to do that, and how much $ it costs the consumer to have that.

Then I started thinking about IKEA, and how they should design cars, like they design their products... stackable, easily shippable. Dunno, it just kind of tickled me... IKEA cars. You heard it here first.


Anonymous said...

Just got the IKEA catalog in the mail today. No cars. Maybe next year?

I must say you have a keen eye for observation. Now I'm going to notice EVERY gas cap with contour. My cynical mind will fixate on what a waste of everyone's time and money can be found in that little dent.

Thanks a lot. I'll add that onto my fear of sewage grates that I inherited from you. This past week I almost got so shaky I thought I was going to drop, not only my car keys, but my cell phone down the drain.


Yarnsmith said...

I'm sorry that my paranoia spread. I think those grates call to my subconscious, or they call to the things in my hand. :)