Mouse... you picked the wrong house.

More knitting content later, I promise...

This morning, I came into the kitchen to see the dry cat food all over the place. With 2 cats, some altercation or other is always going on, so whatever, I thought. Both cats were hunkered down in the kitchen looking in the direction of the food, but whatever, I thought. I started sweeping up the cat food, and one piece skittered away towards the dining room. That's when I saw something bigger than cat food careen through the dining room. Murray took off like a shot and captured a MOUSE. Eeeeeek! I'm afraid I completely lost my head and started yelling for Lee. I told Lee to get a trash can. Then he lost HIS mind and said "They're all full!!"

Meanwhile Murray is hunched over his prey alternately growling low with the mouse in his mouth and releasing the mouse to hiss at it. Sibbie, of course, has her tail puffed out big and is looking on veeeery curiously. Murray wouldn't release the mouse for us to get it into the trash can, and he moved away from us when we came near. Finally, I opened the front door, so that we could at least get them both out of the house onto the porch. Lee got them both out, then got Murray in the house sans mouse.

Both cats were on HIGH ALERT when we left for work...Both patrolling the perimeter. Murray was acting like Big Man on Campus... I swear he was strutting. And why shouldn't he?! Go Murray!