Irish Hiking Scarf... It's not you, it's me...

Sooooo.... here's the promised knitting blog. I've been steadily increasing the length of the Irish Hiking Scarf, but... there's always a but... and everyone has a big BUT... tee hee... Anyway, I do love bulky yarn, but not so much for this scarf. It's about 3 feet long, and I swear it has NO BEND WHATSOEVER. It will practically stand straight out horizontally from the needles. I'm trying not to give up on it, yet I do NOT want to finish it. Should I finish it and give it away? ("Hey, Mom, Merry Christmas... I knitted a BOARD for ya'") Should I frog it and STILL be stuck with this yarn that I pulled from the "GO AWAY and STOP BOTHERING ME" pile? Should I just slip it off the needles and pretend it never happened? Get my husband to throw it out when I'm not looking? It's comforting to knit... I like the pattern, but I feel like it's a waste of time when I work on it. Knitting is supposed to be fun, right? Ok, I'm taking it off the needles. Sorry scarf... you're not the one with issues... you're being the best scarf you know how to be... it's me. Maybe we can just be friends.

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