Gauge? This can't be right.

I got my new yarn. LOVE IT. Lee looked aghast at the large amount and started to ask "Why..." when he remembered I was making a sweater, so the "why" died on his lips. (Though perhaps not in his heart.)

Ok, I swatched. I did. In the round... I more than doubled the stitches so I could get an accurate in the round swatch. The pattern called for size 7 needles or size needed for gauge. OK. With the 7's I got 3" where there should be 4". Went up to size 9. 3 1/2". Size 10 1/2 gave me dead on gauge. I'll say it again... size 10 1/2. Can that possibly be right? I checked, double, triple, quadruple checked. I don't know how loose I'd have to knit on a size 7 needle to make gauge.

I cast on. So far, the collar doesn't look freakishly large or clownish. And, actually, 10 1/2's work for me because I've actually GOT them in dpns and circs.

I'll keep you posted...

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