Hellooooo Mr. Fancy Pants

and Hellooooo Pretty Yarn...
The yarn is not this color. It's teal really. I don't usually like teal, and the yarnshop pic looked more blue. But, you know what? It's grown on me. It really is a good color for me. I think my main aversion to teal is the whole 80's thing. I wore teal back then... so I'm afraid of the fashion statement of teal. But it's not like I'm knitting legwarmers or trying to get my hair to feather this time. It's a nice color that will make my eyes pop, and a super cute pattern that seems to be going well and staying on gauge, despite my apparent gauge issues.

Here's what's done so far... I'm increasing for the sleeves now. (Look at those awesome increases! I did the f&b as called for in the directions, but if I make it again, I'll do a less obvious increase. I'm not loving the purl bump the f&b makes.) Every row gets longer and longer. Soon I'll get to work on the body and knit until my hands are worn down to bloody stumps. Sweet! Perhaps I will make the short sleeve version by default... having only the bloody stumps...

If the neck looks wide, it's because it should. Remember? Quit asking me if it's the bottom. You know who you are. :)

P.S. I apparently keep forgetting how to spell guage. I mean guage. Argh... I mean GAUGE.

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