NOW I remember why I don't knit socks!

H'ok, so I was all excited about turning a heel the other day. Yeah. Then came knitting the foot. It took forever and ever, hallelujah, hallelujah. The bright spot... ok, 2 bright spots: 1)the sock fits, and 2)thanks to these directions, I did the Kitchener stitch RIGHT for a change instead of just winging it.

The PROBLEM is that now I have to knit the OTHER SOCK. After solving the short row enigma, I kinda feel like my work is done here, and I haven't got the desire to cast on the 2nd sock. ALSO, remind me why I chose large bands of stripes, so that it's inconvenient to let the yarn travel that far. So that I end up with this many ends to weave in. (For me anyway... maybe there is a technique.) End Rant. UPDATE: ok, crisis averted. I started the 2nd sock. I'm to the heel turning now. Woot. I would show you a picture of the sock on my foot, but it's hard to get a good pic of that. Plus my leg in the pictures was, I kid you not, GLOWING: it is so pale. You'll just have to trust me when I say it fits. :)

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