Blood, Sweat and Tears...

... or "MATH", as I like to call it.

OK, so... last night I finished the increases for the sleeves. I didn't count the full number on the needles, because it was a very large number. I thought I'd just count as I went along and put the sleeve stitches on waste yarn. The 1st sleeve counted out to 55 between the markers... it's supposed to be 64. Er... Being in denial, I joined the front to the back, came around to the next sleeve. 62. There may have been swearing at this point. I held my poor baby on my lap, tryed to find the errors, assessed the damage and thought about the hours it took to get through all the increases. As I was looking at it, I thought "You know, these sleeves LOOK like they're the same size." So I recounted. 62 on both sleeves. Sweet. I just miscounted, and so what if it's off by 2. I looked at the directions again, and noticed that 62 was indeed the correct number for the sleeves. Where I got 64, I do not know. Turns out: I can't read OR count.

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Nicola said...

Lookin' pretty cute! You should give us a pic of just your eyes to go with it. ;)