(Don't) Gimme Some Sugar, Baby.

Sooooo... it's been 3 weeks since my last sugar high. After the headaches went away (about a week) the lack of sugar started feeling ok. I have lost 4 pounds. I stood on the scale this morning, WILLING it to be lower... you know how you try to think "light" thoughts... and it WAS lower. In addition to NO SUGAR, I'm trying to eat only "real" food... ie: not much snacking. Must be working. I'm hungry at least 2 times a day. That's not a goal I had, but it is reality. I remember back in Weight Watchers, a leader said, "It's not bad for your body to feel hungry. You don't have to feel full ALL THE TIME." I forget that. A grumbly stomach does not equal pain, but in the U.S., it's hard to make that distinction between need and want.

I had a horrible thought this morning. What if the trade off for being the size I want is to never eat sugar again? Would I be able/willing to do it? I think my addiction to sugar is trying to scare me.... it's making a last ditch effort to make me think it's not worth it to give it up. I had not thought to give it up forever... not sure how long my "sugar fast" will last. Maybe until I can eat sweets reasonably. But is there any reason to eat that stuff anyway? Our bodies don't need it. I'm sure there have been studies about the psychological effects of sugar/fat. I know for sure it's a problem in this country.

To clarify: I have been eating fruit. I've only cut out processed sugar. I also make granola with blackstrap molasses and honey. (I know, molasses is processed, but it does have nutritional value. AND it's not a trigger food... ie: I don't need more of it once I've had a little.)

"Wicked" is nearly finished. No pics, because I'm a loser, and lazy. I'll take some tonight. I attached the pocket... figured out how to make M1's look right. Too late for the M1's on the body. They're not technically WRONG, but there are little holes. Meh. Working on the last 2 inches now... only had to rip it out 2 x. I think I've grown as a knitter... instead of just LEAVING something that bugs me, I go back and make it how I want, even if it involves MATH. And TINKING. :)

Finished up this book. It was a "had to have" that I got in IA. It's a collection of knitting related stories. Some made me snort. One made me cry. Lee tried to be supportive, but I suspect he's not it's target audience. Four stars.

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