Ignore the Computer Crap.

Let's see... knitting vs. computers, knitting vs. computers... You can guess which is more important to me... :) The orange yarn is marking the line for the pocket to be sewed on. Speaking of the pocket... didja notice the beautifully matched M1's? Right and Left, baby. No, I didn't steam the pocket 1st... it'll have to stretch into place. I'm thinking this sweater is going to be a bit too big. (I maybe picked the wrong size.) The body is great... you can't see it, but it is shaped... in toward the waist, out again for the hips. The underarms are a bit low maybe. At this point it would mean ripping back TOO FAR. I think short rows for the bosom would be a good idea too. Listen to me... acting like I know what I'm talking about! (Isn't that cute?!?! OMG!!! Ponies!!!) I think I'd make this again. Maybe in magenta! I'm about 2 evenings away from finishing. Can't tonight or tomorrow... got meetings. Argh. I loved last Saturday. Lee was at the Walk Worthy conference all day, so I had the house to myself. I believe I knit for 10 hours that day. My hiney was a bit sore.

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Nicola said...

Hmmmm... a little too big? Welll, maybe you should give it to some friend you have with blue eyes, and say maybe oh I don't know... perhaps red hair, that might have just given most of her unworthy clothes away??? ;p Just teasing, let Bill wash it... he'll shrink it right up for ya, no prob. :D tee hee :p