What to do, what to do...

Lee is gone this week. He's being a Mr. Smarty Pants at BrainShare 2007 in Salt Lake City. He asked me what I was going to do this week. I could only shrug. And he said "No, really... what projects are you going to work on?" Ummmm.... Errrrrr....

He left yesterday afternoon, and I spent the whole evening finishing Wicked2, starting a blanket, and watching Veronica Mars. I did vaccuum last night. AND cleaned cat vomit off my bed. Murray has a delicate stomach, which apparently LOVES emptying itself on our covers. Also, I ate 1/2 a box of Girl Scout Thin Mints. So much for no sugar. I'm back on the wagon this morning... clearly still not able to control myself. I felt pretty gross after eating all those cookies, but not so bad that I wouldn't do it again today. Hence, the severity of my disease.

My options for "things to do" are these:
1. clean house
2. paint back entryway
3. strip wallpaper
4. put finishing touches on kitchen
5. knit something

Exciting, non? Number 5 sounds best to me, but 1-4 will make me feel better in the long run.

I saw mulch for sale this morning. Spring is coming! That means yard work. Ugh. We usually hire a kid to mow our lawn. We may have to expand the duties to include weeding, raking, mulch hauling, etc...

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