Wicked 2 is done, done, done...

... and I love, love, love it! I'm gonna wear it tomorrow. Woot.

Also started working on a blanket with my leftover wool. Used the Mitered Square Blanket from the Mason Dixon book. I like knitting these squares... it's awesome how every row is shorter than the last. I crocheted an edge around it, working in the ends as I went... no way was I gonna weave in the 50 million (roughly) ends the old fashioned way. I'd like to donate a blanket to either Afghans for Afghans or the Dulaan Project: Knitting to Warm Mongolia. Anyone want to make squares for a blanket with me?

We spent the weekend in the Dells at the Kalahari. There was a baby girl Tiger in the lobby. You could have your picture taken with her. We missed the time to get a picture taken, but we got to see the little baby close up. Super cute.

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