Dishcloths... now with 90% less enjoyment

Feeling bad about these last night.

I finished the dishcloth that was on the needles. Ran short of the hot pink about 5 rows from the end. EH! I winged it with a different color.

I pulled the DPNs from the socks and the mittens, so I could put the DPNs in my new DPN cases. Also, I just wasn't committed to finishing those 2 particular items. Back into the stash the yarn went... still in cuff format. No sense in Doing the Job Right.

Haven't dealt with the Miter Square yet. (By the way, I think the German language has it right when they capitalize the Nouns. Just makes sense, at least with how I talk. Well, maybe in German you need them capitalized to know where they are. Actually, for me, it'd be easier if they capitalized the Verbs. It gets confusing. It confusing gets. Don't get me started about past tense auf Deutsch.)

Ok, here's a story about me, as a newbie german speaker...
I went to Austria in 1996... I'll write up the "why" at a later date. My friend Brad picked me up from the airport in Munich. So, I'm extremely tired and stressed from travelling alone and a layover in Amsterdam. Alone. Anyhoo, we're driving, driving, driving, and we keep passing signs for Ausfahrt. By about the ninth sign, I say to Brad, "Man, that Ausfahrt must be a HUGE town." I don't believe Brad knew he was capable of laughing so hard. There may have been snorting involved. Through tears streaming down his face he said, "Chris! 'Ausfahrt' means Exit." I believe this story was told again and again long after I left Austria. So, if you've heard a version of it about a friend of a friend ... IT WAS ME. :)

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