You should see what I DIDN'T buy!

I ran over to Hobby Lobby the other day, to "buy yarn for a baby afghan". Seems like every time I go to HL, there's a 40% sale on whatever I happen to want that day. Really. I think I'd like some fill-in-blank-here. Huh, how about that! They're on sale! No exception for the afghan... baby yarn was 40% off. I found a cute pattern book ($16!), then found yarn... all the patterns needed at least 1,300 yards.

Yarn? Check.
Pattern Book? Check.
Sudden lack of desire to knit anything that contains 1,300 soul sucking yards of yarn, coupled with idea that $16 is a lot for a pattern book? Check.

In the presence of new yarn, I decided my dishcloth antipathy was because I'd run out of the "good" colors. Couldn't hurt to pick up a few new colors, could it?

And "oooooh, I've been wanting to try Irish crochet.... why, here's the very thing."

And "Hey! Look at these fabrics which would be perfect for that thing I've been thinking of making." At one point, two fabrics I put together were so pleasing that I laughed out loud. Only one lady was near... it could have been worse. The lady who cut the fabric for me thought it was very ugly... I could tell... mainly because I asked her if she thought it was. I did too, but when I put it with the other, it satisfied me and made me laugh.

Lee called me about then... our conversation went something like this...
L: How you doing?
C: Well, Sean and Anna's baby isn't getting a new afghan, but I'M getting a bunch of cool stuff.
L: (pause)
L: You're stealing from babies?

Here's what I've been working on... see those 2 little flowers? Mine. I don't even know what to make, but the main idea is to make a bunch of the floral elements, then attach them using a "ground" like on the right. Facile, non?

Also, been cranking these out... trying to make enough to put in my etsy shop. (It's not up and running yet, but it'll be www.yarnsmith.etsy.com) Also, "cranking" may not be the proper word, since I've only made 3 so far, and only one is shop worthy. The 1st 2 have some issues... issues like "I haven't sewn in awhile", and "wow, are those lines crooked." The one with the red interior is the best so far. Apparently, all I needed to get over my knitting blahs was to DO SOMETHING ELSE for a little while. :)

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Anonymous said...


Where did you get the pattern for these? I have a friend who knits and would love them. Also, do you know of any patterns for cases for circular needles?

Hope all is well.

Your former cohort in crime at Ellis,