Gain vs. Loss

Take Money. Hard to gain; easy to lose.

Take Weight. Easy, and fun(!) to gain; hard to lose. Suddenly you realize that one more day of eating for comfort, and these pants will not even close.... maybe they won't even make it over the hips. Gah! How did that happen?! Why did I not choose food wisely once I was at a good weight last October? I'll tell you why - winter happened... and is still happening. From October to now we've had, what? 2 sunny days? And I've consumed what? Eleventy thousand more calories than I should have.

I was so cranky last night about weight, being depressed about work, etc... that I forced myself to work out. Stupid endorphins. I left the place feeling better, and with a smile for my husband when he got home, which I'm sure he was glad to see. He brought me Peeps. Sale Peeps.... and that means they were stale, and did I mention that that's how I like them? Yes, I ate them. GO AWAY ALL YOU HOLIDAYS THAT CENTER AROUND FOOD AND CANDY. The seams of my pants can't take anymore!

Thank you. That is all.

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Katherine said...

My kids got peeps for Easter... I have managed to not eat a single one! I did have one or two of these little other candies (I don't remember what they're called), but that's it. I am trying to get back on my diet. I kind of slipped of the 'wagon' a bit and my diet has stalled. I'm back on now, and rather hungry. I need to remember WHY I want to lose weight and keep in mind all of my goals and reasons, and remind myself nearly constantly, or I go wild when it's time for a meal, and eat way more than I should! This is very hard when I've got something very yummy I just made... So, I feel your pain.