Guitar Straps and Paw Pads

Lee has been wanting a new guitar for awhile. He's had his old one for 9 years now. There's nothing "wrong" with the old one, except it sounds bad when plugged into a sound system. It did not come with the pick-up originally. It sounds fine when played "unplugged," but even I could tell it sounded bad at church. So... here is Lee's new baby. I know nothing about guitars. It's got a hand rubbed oil finish on the front, so it smells good. I had him play the new one, then the old one to see if I could tell the difference. I said "Well, I don't know if it's the smell or what, but I think it sounds better than the other one." It's a Martin, if that means anything to you all... I'm told it does. I've heard of them.

Now, that's a satisfied guy. He plays it before work, after work, would play it AT work if he could... He also got a mixing board, so I heard lots of "Check. Check, 1, 2. Check. Check." from the basement last night. Cutie.

On an unrelated note... I want to be a cat. Actually, I want to be one of OUR cats, and lay on the radiator all day. Check out this paw pad/curled paw action. Lazy cat! Get a job!

I didn't knit last night. My left wrist hurts. When I twist it in a knitting motion, something "twangs". I'll try icing it and not knitting this weekend. Gah.

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