I underestimated the power of wool. I'm so ashamed.

I know, I know... I of ALL people should not be surprised by how much people love fiber. I went to Cedarville (IL, not MI) to the Fiber Arts Fair. I went alone, so I was a little worried about a) being the only one there and b) not finding anyone to talk to, and c) just feeling awkward and nervous in a new situation. I needn't have worried.... this scene took care of a). Also, the fact that I had to park 2 blocks away...

I noticed this sign on my way in... it's like a bee to honey, moth to a flame... must... go... touch... fiber.

I don't have any pics from inside... I felt weird and awkward. See c). b) was taken care of by a nice long chat I had with lady about soap. She had a fanny pack. I don't know why smelly soaps were at a Fiber Art Fair, but why not? I bought some. And fanny pack lady and I agree that there is "good" lavender soap, and "bad" lavender soap, and that THIS soap was GOOD. And also THIS soap, and THIS soap, and oooooh, try THIS soap.

I also had a long conversation with this lady about her weaving. REALLY nice stuff, btw. I choked at the $25/dishcloth, but they were lovely and I was tempted, but had already bought a bunch of other stuff. And are you actually to USE a handwoven dishcloth? I almost didn't buy my $4 oversized dishclothes at Kohl's the other day.

Here's what I bought: Soap (Peppermint and some herb - really strong. Love it.). Shea Oil & Lavender lotion ("good" lavender and I'm a sucker for lotion). Yarn and pattern kit for socks.

Yes! I have once again paid $35 for a pair of socks that I have to KNIT MYSELF. From Handspun by Stephania. There were also kits that included homespun wool/dog hair. It was really soft, actually. You know the dog's undercoat that is white and super-soft? Yeah, that. Stefania's husband told me that he got an angry phone call about how it was inhumane to use dogs like that and they were going to call animal control. Turns out, the caller thought they were SKINNING the dogs to get the fur. Um, no. Just brushing them... not even shearing them like sheep. Heck, if someone wants to start spinning cat hair, just have 'em vacuum at MY house. We've got enough free range fur to build another 2 or 3 cats. (Just kidding all you relatives who are allergic to cats and won't want to stay here now.)

I picked up a flyer for Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair in July. Anyone want to come? It's in Crystal Lake. I'll be the one buying anything that smells like lavender - the "good" kind.


Katherine said...

there's also a knitting/yarn thing in August (I think) called 'Stitches'. I think it's somewhere around Rosemont. I can find out for you if you'd like to go.

Anonymous said...

Hey, next time you go to an arts show...ANY arts show, please ask me. I love them! Don't go alone :) Lisa