Shout Out to My Peeps... Yo!

I'll admit it! I'm a blog stalker. I go to many sites regularly and rarely leave a comment. I always feel that I must be Intelligent! and Meaningful! and Unusual! and Funny! Whew... that's a lot of pressure. I get comments from a select few on this blog, and it always makes me tingle when I see a new comment has been posted.

So, I was feeling like about 5 people were reading my blog... all family and friends... and it should have been enough for me... after all, didn't I SAY that this blog is for MY own amusement, and that I was OK if only I read it? Turns out that was a BIG. FAT. LIE. I had no idea. Honestly.

I remembered that when I signed up for the statcounter (at the bottom of my page), that I get more than just the counter. I get stats. I dug out the login and checked my stats, prepared to be heartbroken. Looks like a bunch of people I don't know are at least looking at my blog once.

With Stats like these, who needs friends! Ok, I still need friends! Wait, don't go!

Here's a big shout out to my regulars:

  • Yay Mom and Pop (up der in da UP eh)
  • Yay Katherine (who has her own blog, and 3 of the cutest kids EVER.)
  • Yay Carrie and Paul (btw, saw Aaron at his new job. He really looks like your family now that he hasn't got the mohawk. I told him we weren't checking up on him, but that we'd tell you we saw him.)
  • Yay Theresa (who loves the flip off gloves I made her.)
  • Yay Nicola (my Barley friend)
  • Yay Lee (cause, you know... I love him and stuff.)
  • Yay Steve (Who else do I know in MN?)
  • Yay Megan (She wins with the most visits besides me. Shouldn't you be studying? Miss you. Come home soon so we can knit and watch long chick movies! We have string cheese! And Cherry Coke!)
  • Yay Melodie (See you soon! Driftwood united!)
  • Yay Lisa (who deserves extra Yays for asking me, out of the blue, if I wanted a bag of wool and a bag of mint tea. Two of my very favorite things!)

1 comment:

Katherine said...

no, really, you don't have to say anything interesting... Honest... Just say SOMETHING! (can you tell I'm starved for comments?)