Name this Institution

Is this a

a) prison
b) jr. high
c) building that needs a refurb
d) all of the above

Doesn't this hallway inspire you to greater heights in learning? Yeah, me too. Made for a sweet composition though. The tiles are freshly waxed, and I like the fore-shortened red emergency box on the right. Lights trailing into the distance speak to the impending doom of high school and endless days that stretch indefinitely into the future.

I guess the days don't stretch TOO indefinitely into the future, although it felt that way at the time. I graduated from HS in 1987. Holy cow. (Or "Hokey Toot", if you prefer.) That means this summer marks 20 years since then. I would like to speak to Time. Hello? Time? Where did you go? Remember that body I was unhappy with in High School? Yes? I'd like it back now. Also the skin. Ok, so I didn't heed the warnings about sun screen. I'm ready to listen now. Hello? Are you still there?

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Theresa said...

Go Larsen! Dude. I wonder if my schools photo as well.