What about ME?!

Lee got a new guitar... shouldn't I get something as well? I should explain... we are not impulse buyers for big ticket items. Ok, sure, we'll pick up cheap items sometimes we were not looking for (items like this), but for expensive items we do take our time. Lee's been wanting a new guitar for at least a year. So. What have I been wanting for a long time? A camera more grown up than a point and shoot digital. (I have no problem with the point and shoot, EXCEPT that I have outgrown it, and I want to do more... like focus on what I want to focus on.) Anyhoo... here's me and my new friend. It's a Pentax K100. Every review I read mentioned that it's a good camera for those who have outgrown point and shoot. Perfect.

So, what does this have to do with knitting? Well...

Er.... I'll be able to take better pictures of my knitting? Yes, that's it. I finished a dishcloth. I guess I need a new project. Oh, wait. I started a new project this weekend. I'm making a baby kimono. (From the Mason Dixon Knitting book.) I'll post pics tomorrow, but for now, picture a rectangle in garter stitch. OOOooooh. Bet you can't wait to see that!

Here's a sample of what my new lens can do... 1st pic is how my street really appears. 2nd pic is a close up of buildings at the far end of the street. Neat!

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