This Jury is Rigged!

So, just like you, I was reading the Dictionary last night. I was in the J's...

Here's what happened earlier in the day...

I was talking to a teacher and I used the word "jury-rig". Only, I'm never sure if it's "jury" or "jerry". So I asked, "Is it Jury or Jerry?"

And the teacher says "Oh, I heard that was a slavery term, so I don't use it anymore."

And my brain went Wh-huh? I thought it just meant built with spare parts. And I said "Well, how about if I McGyver it?" He agreed that that was ok.

On our drive home, I was telling Lee about it, and he thought it was a sailing term.

Here's the scoop:

JURY-RIG according to wikipedia and dictionary.com and good old hard bound Merriam Webster is "to erect, construct, or arrange in a makeshift fashion" and also it's a sailing term from latin and old french. I googled it in connection with slavery, and there was only one page that associated the 2 words and that was somebody's BLOG, so you know you can't trust that.

JERRY-BUILT, for your edification is, according to wikipedia and Merriam Webster, "1 : built cheaply and unsubstantially 2 : carelessly or hastily put together"

Now you know. Go in peace and use these terms wisely.


Katherine said...

Thank you for the edification... I'll sleep better tonight.

SpEdTeacher06 said...

My home laptop is no longer "jury-rigged"--the new cord arrived yesterday. Thank you for the English lesson. = P