No Knitting for YOU!

I COULD just show you the same picture of my 1/2 finished sock, because that's as far as I am. Still. I have not had time to work on it. Plus, maybe I am having an affair with my camera. I went to a wedding shower and a kids' birthday party this weekend, and brought my camera (unasked, of course) and just took pictures of people. I then threw the pictures up on the web in albums and emailed the link to the people. It was SOOO fun. Here is my favorite pic from the kids' party... I won't tell you what evoked this reaction. Ok, I will. It was bubble gum.

But THIS could maybe be another favorite, although she will hate me later, when I give the picture to her mama to show to suitors. I believe the boys "took ALL the leaves."

She mostly looks like this photo though:

Ok, ok... I think I have to post at least one knitting item. I want to keep my membership in the knitting rings. I am INORDINATELY proud of this. This is my stash. Yep. ALL my yarn and accoutrements fit in or on this little guy. Maybe some of you think this makes me a poseur... like how can I talk about knitting, when my stash fits in 9 square feet. Well, I'll tell you... I can't stand clutter. (Don't laugh, Mom! People change! My clothes no longer live on the floor! I put my clean clothes into drawers instead of pulling them as needed out of the basket!) So, in our de-cluttered house... if new stuff comes in, old stuff must go. This has worked really well for clothes. All of our clothes (all seasons) fit in the dressers and closet space we have in our room. We don't have/need other clothes storage. I love that. This also works with yarn. You know that yarn I bought x years ago to make x? I am willing consider them acceptable losses. I'll give it away or trade... but everything has to fit in the yarn caddy. I told you I was inordinately proud of this. Oh no! Pride goes before a fall! I'm sure I'll pay for that.

Ok, I'm exhausted. Can't spell anymore... time for bed.

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Katherine said...

thanks for bringing your camera and taking such awesome photos! I sent everyone the link and they all loved them too! I'm glad you and Lee came, it was probably one of the funnest (is that a word?) parties we've had! BTW, is there a way I can put your picasa folder with the party pics on my blog? Or would that not work? Should I just put a hyperlink to the site?