Travel Weekend #1

I got together with some girlfriends 2 weekends ago. We all met at Cedar Campus and all lived in Driftwood (the girls' cabin). So every couple of years we have a "Driftwood Reunion" at someone's house. This year, it was Marion's turn... so we all flew in to Lexington, KY.

Here's me in the University of Kentucky Botanical Gardens. Sarah, Mel and I went there while Marion and Dan went to a funeral.

Sarah was pregnant the last 2 times we met, so it was nice for her to be unencumbered this time. She and family are about to move to NY, due to her husband's military reassignment.

Melodie is training for the Chicago Marathon. We all offered to meet her at the end of the race with cookies. She was the only one who exercised that weekend.

Marion, who really DOES have a husband, but since none of the Driftwood ladies had ever met him, we couldn't just take her word. Thanks again for the hospitality, Mimi!

Dan, whose first name is actually Larry, warmed up to us, I think. Although we may have scarred him forever by singing Gei Lobetsei (sp?) while standing behind our chairs at dinner. A Cedar Campus classic which is sung heartily and in parts.

When we all got there Friday night (Sarah was late due to the Detroit airport hosing her.) Dan was out fishing. He apparently got in around 3 a.m. I was the 1st one up on Saturday and was startled by a big fish in the sink. I kept my eye on it to make sure it wasn't still alive. (Although, what I thought it would do to me if it was alive, I don't know.) Sarah came up next and was startled too. Marion came down and rolled her eyes, then found the camera, and saw that Dan had taken about 10 pictures of himself with the fish in the kitchen. Here's one I took of him later, but that's his "fish face."


Marion said...

i'm still rolling my eyes. :) Great photos. Thanks again for making the trek to KY. Maybe next time you stay a mile from my house, you'll call. :)

Yarnsmith said...

"I'm a loser, baby..." That'll be the last time I quote Beck.

You bet your Sweet Sassy Molassy I'll call. Sorry for my lack of cerebral function. :)

Love ya!