I realize my posts have started to dwindle. It's not 'cause I don't love you guys! I have not been knitting much... just started that 2nd #$%@ teal sock... can only bear to do about 8 rows at a sitting.

Since most of life is seasonal, I'm kind of in the "not sitting and knitting" season. I've been working out for an hour 3 times a week, and I also started Weight Watchers again. (Got to pay the bill for the winter eating.) I weigh in for the 1st time tonight. I think I'll have a loss. Even if I don't, I already feel better. Here's some free adverts for WW (skip the rest of the paragraph if you don't want to hear it): I love their new sytem of points. I get 21 points/day PLUS I get 35 Flex points for the week to use however I need. So! Last Friday was a Women's Banquet at church. Saturday lunch was Thai food for mother's day. Saturday evening was a potluck. Ordinarily I would have stuffed myself and felt bad about it. This time I ate until I was full, even if stupid Thai food cost me 16 points. Yikes. (Oh, yeah, plus I get 6 points everytime I go to the KickBoxing class.) So, if anyone else has a hefty (heh, heh) bill to pay from the sedentary winter months: go ahead and try WW again.

End of Advertising...

I will try to post about other things as I think of them. I get some wacky ideas... just ask Lee. OH! I signed up for a photography class that starts in June. It's all about aperture and whatnot (see how much I have to learn?!?) and I'll get to use the Manual setting on my new camera. So I'm PRETTY SURE I'll be posting my pics from class. :)

For those of you who don't know, and are interested, Lee and I are blogging about our adoption journey here. His entries are the long funny ones... mine are the shorter, whiny ones. :) Also, I know the name of the blog is long, but I tried about 50 other cooler ones that are taken by UN-COOL people who are just sitting on the URL and not using it. See? Whiny.


Jean M said...

Who's Dirk, anyway?

I love Weight Watchers too.

Very interesting blog. Where do you find the time? No wonder you only have one sock done. Keep up the good work.

Nicola said...

What??!! Who's Dirk?! ;)

Lt. Starbuck, or for my gen. "Face" from A Team (and about a mil. other things)...


tee hee